Cruising Docummercial-Style

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 Armed with five GoPros and a lot of enthusiasm, we documented one family’s impressions of their first time cruising. The resulting videos are what we call "docummercials." Testimonials as commercials executed in unexpected ways.

An extended family of seven cruised the Caribbean on one of Carnival’s newest ships, the Breeze. GoPros on head mounts, chest straps and selfie sticks captured the unscripted excitement and wonderment of cruising. After "GoProing" the week long cruise, we created 5 videos and a multimedia presentation that are featured on Carnival's travel agent website and their national touring roadshow. Through these docummercials, travel agents get to see the joy of booking clients on their first cruise vacation.

Here you can view two of five videos that document the family's first time cruise experience. No doubt there are a lot more Carnival cruises in the family's future.

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Carnival Docummercial -Up All Night