Call us crazy, but we like to know what we're talking about. That's why we're near-obsessive about research. And why research responsibilities belong to Jennifer Beber and Ann Marie Drozd -- two of our most driven, curious and meticulous people, both of whom began their careers in research and account planning at major New York-based agencies.
Since then, Jennifer and Ann Marie have gained even broader experience with every kind of qualitative and quantitative research, from customer segmentation, brand positioning, and perceptual mapping to attitude and usage tracking, copy testing, and media testing.
To make the most of their expertise, and for the convenience of our clients, we've maintained a fully equipped focus group facility in-house for a number of years. But that hasn't kept Jennifer and Ann Marie from going out to talk to consumers one-on-one, at malls, schools, homes, offices and Turnpike service plazas.