The Beber Silverstein Group was founded in 1972 in Miami, Florida by Joyce Beber and Elaine Silverstein. They had two desks, one phone, and no clients. They quickly built Beber Silverstein into one of the first Florida advertising agencies to be nationally recognized and "buzzed" about.

In our 40 years, we have created many memorable, award-winning campaigns. Our campaign for Helmsley hotels made Leona Helmsley "the Queen". It was recognized by Adweek magazine as opening "a new chapter in U.S. hotel advertising".

We created two of Florida's most memorable tourism campaigns; “Miami. See It Like A Native.” for the Greater Miami CVB; and “The Rules Are Different Here.” for the Florida Department of Tourism.  In the last decade, we’ve helped make Palm Beach County, Curaçao and Costa Cruises some of the most successful travel marketers in their competitive sets. And we continue to work with Hertz for over 20 years.

"Bob from FPL" is a beloved man-on-the-street campaign that we created and ran for over 10 years. "Bob" became so popular, even Floridians started "Bob from FPL" fan clubs.

At Beber Silverstein, we have always had a passion for healthcare. Our President comes from a long line of doctors. And our founders were two doctors’ wives who wanted to be more than just doctors’ wives. Our healthcare knowledge and experience runs deep from Humana and John Alden to Jackson Memorial and the Mayo Clinic. Today we are proud to be working with AvMed Health plans and the Broward Health Hospital system.

Our industry has changed a lot in 40 years, and at Beber Silverstein, we continue to evolve. Today, with over 50 employees, and led by company President, Jennifer Beber, we provide award-winning integrated communications services to a very large, diversified array of clients.  Our services include: advertising, public relations, digital marketing, social media, and events marketing.