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Carnival Cruises

 We were recently asked to create a presentation/road show for the Carnival trade team to give at travel agent meetings and conventions. The goal? Help travel agents increase cruise bookings.

Less than 25% of the US population has taken a cruise. That’s a very large, untapped market. A large pool of “cruise rookies”.

We built the presentation around a baseball theme and called the presentation “Pitching to Cruise Rookies.” A “Who’s on First” type video opens the presentation. In it, a cruise rookie humorously confuses ship terminology in a conversation about vacations. 

With the audience warmed up, they are given a number of tips to recruit rookies to the many joys of cruising.

Presenters wear Carnival baseball jerseys. Key target groups are presented on baseball cards and put into teams, like this newlywed couple from NY called the Hankee-Pankees.

T-shirts are thrown to the audience during a 7-inning stretch along with Cracker Jacks and Carnival baseball caps.

Break-out sessions delve further into recruiting “cruise rookies” using with Audience Response System technology to help drive home key message points.

So far the effort has been called a home run and will be traveling the US all of 2012.


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Carnival Cruises
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